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3rd February 2014
MVM - Cara Therapeutics raises $55m on NASDAQ
MVM - Cara Therapeutics raises $55m on NASDAQ
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10th December 2013
eZono 4000 with needle guidance approved in Europe
eZono 4000 with needle guidance approved in Europe
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2nd October 2013
Xention partners its lead atrial fibrillation drug with Servier
Xention and Servier announce a cardiovascular collaboration to further develop a selective Kv1.5 modulator for the treatment of atrial fibrillation
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6th June 2013
Alliance Pharma acquires global rights to Syntometrine from Novartis
Alliance Pharma plc has acquired all existing rights to SyntometrineTM from Novartis AG and Novartis Pharma AG (together "Novartis") for a consideration of US$11.5 million.
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7th May 2013
Graham Cox to join eZono as CEO
eZono’s supervisory board has appointed Graham D. Cox as the company’s Chief Executive Officer effective 1st June 2013. Mr. Cox will succeed Allan R. Dunbar, co-founder and acting CEO of eZono, who remains with the company as Chief Commercial Officer.
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 16th October 2007
Evotec Reports Positive Top-Line Results in Phase II Study with EVT 201 in Elderly Insomniacs with Daytime Sleepiness

Evotec AG has announced positive top-line results from its second phase II trial of EVT 201 in 149 elderly primary insomnia patients with daytime sleepiness.

The study showed a highly significant improvement between both doses of EVT 201 and placebo on the primary endpoint of polysomnography (PSG) derived Total Sleep Time (TST).

Compared to placebo, mean TST increased by 30.9 minutes (9%) on EVT 201 1.5 mg and 56.4 minutes (17%) on EVT 201 2.5 mg; p=0.0001 and p=<0.0001 respectively.

Significant improvements were also seen across key PSG-derived secondary endpoints including Wake After Sleep Onset (WASO) and Latency to Persistent Sleep (LPS).

Although the study was not powered to show this, the 2.5 mg dose also showed a significant effect on TWT (Total Wake Time) during the second half of the night, indicating that EVT 201 is highly effective in maintaining sleep throughout the night.

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